My passion for old vehicles started at an early age. I grew up going to various junkyards with my grandpa, dad, and uncles as they ran their part-time hauling business. Not the safest environment for a little boy to be in, but man was it an adventure! My grandpa's family didn't have much growing up so he learned to take care of things he had and made use of anything he had around his barn. He was a tinkerer (my dad's the same way); always taking what some people would consider junk and turning it into something useful (way back before reclaiming was the cool thing to do). I now realize the junk car business was never about making alot of money; it was the passion my grandpa and dad had for the "find" and having some fun along the way. From hood ornaments to hubcaps to various car parts, they collected it all. As I got closer to turning 16, my interest in old vehicles naturally grew. My first vehicle was a 1970 Dodge Truck that my dad actually got from a junkyard for $40. With the help of my dad and my uncle, I ended up with a pretty decent ride.

Years went by, I started college and got into sales, my grandpa passed away, I had a son of my own, and so on. I knew I always wanted to get an old car and restore it some day and renew that passion I once had... the story of Sharp Dressed Van begins...

In the summer of 2010, I started to get the itch to start tinkering with an old car. I had a couple of problems though... I had no money and nowhere to work on this vehicle. I remembered my dad had an old 1969 Dodge A100 van he used to drive around, but it had been parked behind his garage for quite some time. I thought this would be a cool vehicle to fix up to go camping and tailgaiting with my son and friends. I worked out a deal with my dad and my grandma said I could work on it out in her barn. I began stripping out the inside of the van and took out the engine. It felt great to work on the van and feel that passion I had as a teenager. I thought to myself, how cool would this be to do for a living? I realized restoring old cars wasn't really something I would enjoy doing for other people and quite frankly I don't have the expertise. After I had the van gutted out, I began thinking about how I would design the interior. Somewhere along the way I thought about making furniture out of old car parts. My excitement and passion grew as I thought about all the possibilities. The van restoration is currently on hold, but it's inspired my passion of what Sharp Dressed Van is to this day.

You can't turn on the TV or surf the web without seeing something about "going green" or terms like recycling, upcycling, reclaiming, and repurposing. I'm not even sure I know what all those terms mean so SDV can be classified as ALL or NONE of the above...that's for you to decide.
We (Lyndsey aka my lovely wife and I) at SDV focus on producing the coolest hand-made, one-of-a-kind, showroom quality pieces from virtually any part of an old vehicle we can get our hands on. Industrial, modern steel furniture and functional pieces ranging from jewelry and cuffs to tables and wall art and everything in between.




What is Sharp Dressed Van?

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