What is Sharp Dressed Van?

You can’t turn on the TV or surf the web without seeing something about “going green” or terms like recycling, upcycling, reclaiming, and repurposing.  I’m not even sure I know what all of those terms mean so SDV can be classified as ALL or NONE of the above…that’s for you to decide!

We (Lyndsey and I) at SDV focus on producing the coolest hand-made, one-of-a-kind, showroom quality pieces from virtually any part of an old vehicle we can get our hands on.  Industrial, modern steel furniture and functional art pieces ranging from jewelry & cuffs to tables & wall art and everything in between.

The goal of this blog is to share with you our passion, process, and creativity that goes behind each of our pieces that we craft.  In each blog post we encourage your feedback as well as look forward to you riding along with us in this adventure.  If you have an idea for a piece of jewelry, art, furniture, etc deriving partly or all from salvaged car parts, we welcome the challenge to design custom pieces that will be unique to you.

This is our first blog post and we are excited to show some examples of what we are crafting out of decades old automotive steel.

We started with a 1970’s Dodge truck hood that came from one of my grandpas old car haulers.  I actually found it buried in the snow on the side of his barn.



Picture courtesy of lindsayalisaphotography.com

Then came the table tops after some extreme cutting with my angle grinder. These are in the process of being made into end tables. More details to come in future blog posts.

We then transformed the ‘once old truck hood that was half buried in the dirt and snow’ into wearable, one-of-kind pieces of art.

Picture courtesy of lindsayalisaphotography.com

We hand-cut the pieces, rounded the edges with a bench grinder, and then lightly sanded them to create awesome, unique steel earrings, belt buckles, necklaces, cuffs, etc. Seriously, I can’t begin to tell you how awesome it feels to wear essentially a piece of Detroit history that no one else in the world has.


Picture courtesy of lindsayalisaphotography.com

Hi, its Lyndsey!  Chuck and I generally post each blog post together, but I wanted to end our first post with a few of my favorite things that I am so extremely looking forward to finishing and blogging about.  The first is a trunk lid that we bought from my first junkyard trip.

This 1965 Chevy Nova trunk lid beauty was just setting on top of a random junked car and I fell in love with it instantly!  Our plans for this trunk lid is to turn her into a T.V. stand!  I seriously cannot wait to get this project finished!  She is going to be a beaut!!! And, its going to be really hard for me to give her up!

Another one of my absolute favorite things that I cannot wait to share with you is the array of amazing, one of a kind earrings that we are crafting.  I have sort of claimed a few for myself and love their uniqueness and love wearing them!!!

We really hope that you enjoy this blog and continue to follow us through all our projects!!!  Oh, and please check out The Story page to get a better understanding of the passion behind all our work!







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