Mean green 60s Corvair

We scored this 60s Corvair trunk lid that we thought had a pretty cool patina. Unfortunately, through all the excitement of the junkyard atmosphere a picture of the car was neglected to be taken. Or, it could have also been the fact that Lyndsey was holding the trunk lid up for quite a long time while I had to run back and forth to find the right tools to detatch it. We will get a picture the next time we visit this particular junkyard again (hopefully, as long as it is still there). 


I got out my trusty angle grinder to cut the trunk lid in half to use part of it for a table and the other half for belt buckles, earrings, etc.  Lyndsey put herself to use (and in danger) snapping some photos of me cutting the trunk lid with sparks flying straight at her.

Awhile back I swiped this table from my grandma’s garage. As a kid, I remember my grandpa using it as a “catch all” for emptying out his pockets. The wood is going to be scrapped but I think these metal legs coupled with the Covair sheet metal will make a really nice table. We will keep you posted on the progress.

Here is a picture of the other half of the Covair trunk lid with a section cut out to make this awesome belt buckle and other pieces of jewelry.

We’re excited to get the table finished. Especially since we’re using the table legs that we rescued from potentially being thrown out and because they came from something my grandpa used daily. He was really big on saving everything and reusing anything that he could, so, I think he would be happy to see that the legs will now be part of a pretty sweet table made out of vintage car metal.

Lastly, here are some other photos of what we crafted out of this trunk lid.




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